Terms and Conditions

The Winemaker Refer & Reward Program (the "Program") is available from April 3, 2023.

For the purposes of this Program, the following definitions apply:

  1. "Friend or family member" means people the Referrer has a close personal or family relationship with and who the Referrer is in regular contact with.
  2. "Referrer" means a person who currently makes Winexpert™ or VineCo™ craft wine kits and who refers a friend or family member under the Program.
  3. "Referee" means a person who is not currently experienced with winemaking, or has not made craft wine in the last 2 years and who is referred by a Referrer under the Program.

The Program is available to Referrers and Referees. Both Referrer and Referee must be the age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence. Referees that have been previously referred through the Program at any time are not eligible to be a Referee under the Program a second time. However, a Referee may subsequently become a Referrer and may participate again in the Program in the capacity of a Referrer.

How to Make a Referral:
There are two ways Referrers can participate in the Refer & Reward offer.

  • They may have received an email directly from ARM Marketing Inc., on behalf of Global Vintners Inc. and their associated retail location, inviting them to participate in the Program.
  • They may have seen signage in their local retail location with a QR code and corresponding URL directing them to a webpage to register to participate.

In instance 1) Referrers will receive an invitation email with a unique Referral Code. Referrers share the wine they have made and their Referral Code with the friends and family they would like to refer. In instance 2) Referrer registers themselves for the referral program at their local retail location. Referrer sends Referees invitation emails through their custom referral portal. Referee receives an email with a unique Referral Code. Referee brings the Referral Code to the retail store the Referrer purchased their winemaking kits from. The retailer will validate the Referral Code for them and both Referrer and Referee will receive an email inviting them to redeem their choice of reward ($25 Ultimate Dining E-Promo card, Indigo E-Gift card or Doordash E-Gift card).

Referee Reward Conditions:
A $25 E-Gift or E-Promo card reward (the "Reward") will be given to both the Referrer and the Referee provided all conditions set out in these Terms and Conditions are met.

For both the Referrer and Referee to earn the Reward, the Referee must complete the following actions ("All Actions"):

  1. The Referee must visit the retail location where their friend (Referrer) makes their wine and purchase and make an eligible craft winemaking kit. Please note: if the retail location is part of a chain of stores, the Referee can visit any of the associated stores to purchase their winemaking kit.
  2. Referee must provide the retailer with the unique Referral Code they received in their email for validation at the time of purchase.

Upon successfully completing All Actions, both Referrer and Referee will each be sent a reward redemption email with instructions for how to redeem their respective Rewards. By participating in this Program and accepting a Reward, the Referee understands and agrees that while the Referrer will not receive any of the Referee's confidential details, the Referrer will know that the Referee has purchased a winemaking kit.

Referrer and Referee will each have 30 days from the date of their reward redemption email to redeem their individual Reward by visiting the Reward redemption website at the unique link provided in their respective emails. After 30 days, this unique link will expire and will no longer be accessible. Once the Referrer and Referee redeem their Reward on the redemption website, they will receive another email within approximately 5 business days with a downloadable version of their selected Reward. The Reward must be downloaded within 30 days or the Reward will expire. Once downloaded, E-Gift Cards do not expire. E-Promo cards expire within 90 days of download.

A Referrer’s or Referee's assigned Reward PIN is unique to them and is not transferable and may not be sold or mass distributed.

This Program may only be used for personal, non-commercial purposes.

Global Vintners Inc. reserves the right at its absolute discretion to vary, delete or add to any of these Terms and Conditions from time to time without prior notice. In the event of conflict, these Terms and Conditions will prevail over any of the contents of any brochure, promotional materials or statements, or any other communication regarding this Program, whether written or oral from Global Vintners Inc, except where otherwise stated.

Global Vintners Inc. reserves the right at its sole discretion to, without advance notice, terminate or suspend the Program, in whole or in part, or modify it in any way.

Global Vintners Inc. reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to suspend, disqualify, limit or revoke this Program for any person it finds or believes to be manipulating or otherwise abusing the process, fairness, or integrity of the Program or otherwise becomes ineligible. Rewards earned through fraudulent activities or activities in violation of these Terms and Conditions will be null and void and repayment may be requested by Global Vintners Inc.

By accepting this Program, you agree that you have read and understood these Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by them. Any notice offered by us with respect to this Program is deemed to be provided on the day it is posted on our website.